Restart of the Tiszapart light railway with the help of MÁV-REC LTD.

Tiszapart light railway was handed over to the public in 1971. It operated successfully until 2009, but was closed that year due to inadequate technical condition.

Fortunately, in 2021, a new track was implemented in connection with a tender opportunity, which allowed this light railway to be revived. As part of this revival, the light rail colleagues found the staff of the education division of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Coorporation LTD, who were ready to help with the necessary training.

At the moment, there are three light rail trainings in Tiszakécske, all of which will help you get back on track with this beautiful track.

Once the necessary exams are in place, the first trains are scheduled to leave in the second half of June. Their C50 towing vehicle is ready to line up the refurbished cars to create joyful moments for the visitors. Further surprises are planned on this exceptionally beautiful trail of the Tisza, but other developments will be needed to achieve them.

It is a special experience for MÁV-REC LTD that it can also take part in the State Forest Light Railway /Állami Erdei Kisvasút trainings, as such education is a rarity in the country.

It is an additional happiness for us to be a part of the joy that this light railway will bring to prospective travelers as well as to our colleagues working there.