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Activities relating to training and education in railway operations

MÁV-REC Kft. has been operating successfully in a number of service areas since its establishment in 2001. These service areas have multiple connections to the performance of railway tasks as well as education and training tasks in general logistics, waste management and railway operations.


During its railway operation service activities performed over many years, our company has gained considerable experience and provides its services with skilled and experienced employees. We lay great emphasis on our employees’ qualifications and competence.


Decree No. 19/2011 (V.10.) NFM and its amendments regulate the conditions of the basic training and education system for jobs related to the safety of railway transport. The decree sets conditions for the employees’ training and examination with a scope extending to all jobs related to the safety of railway transport. Basic training may be provided only by organisations holding a Training Licence issued by the National Transport Authority (NTA), and holding periodic training sessions is made subject by law to the registration of education organisation activities with the NTA. Our Education Division is responsible for organising, coordinating and carrying out training and education tasks in railway operations.


MÁV-REC Kft. holds institutional accreditation for adult education, furthermore, it performs its training and education activities on the basis of a Training Licence issued by, and the registration of the periodic organisation of education with, the NTA. Accordingly, under the organisation of the Education Division of our company, we provide training and education for our own employees and the employees of other railway companies by holding basic and periodic training in railway operations with the participation of well-prepared technical and traffic training personnel listed in the official register.


Our basic training courses in railway operations are organised on the basis of training programmes approved by the Railway Examination Centre of the Institute for Transport Science (ITS) and subject to the provisions of the Examination Rules and Procedural Rules of the Railway Examination Centre of the ITS. Accordingly, we help provide skilled workforce required for railway operations by organising diesel train driver, coupler, shunting supervisor and railway operations manager training courses for private rail networks as well as other training courses for the national rail network, e.g. basic training in models and railway lines for train drivers.


Our periodic training courses are performed in accordance with the provisions of our registration licence and according to a training schedule by our training personnel listed in the official register. Based on the above, we undertake to organise and carry out periodic training in railway operations for employees employed by railway companies and organisations engaged in railway activities on private rail networks and filling positions related to the safety of railway transport.



Zsuzsanna Magyar

Division leader

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