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Industrial railway solutions

MÁV-REC Kft. has been engaged in the performance of comprehensive railway operating tasks on the private rail networks/industrial tracks of its partners for 10 years. In addition to the operation of industrial tracks taken in the traditional sense (private goods forwarding and private railway line operation), our company flexibly adapts to the diverse and continuously changing needs of our customers.


Our railway operation services are focused on the establishment and operation of comprehensive service systems customised to the various needs of our partners, for both project-type and long-term strategic cooperation.


All services provided by our company are characterised by the efficient performance of tasks to a high standard, based on professional grounds, competitive prices and an outstanding price-to-value ratio as well as security and stability, which are essential for performing the strategically important tasks of our partners.


Our company has achieved outstanding results by offering customised services to its partners, and is able to continuously develop these services by sensitively responding to tasks changing as a result of the effects of external and internal factors. Its experienced and skilled employees in the background as well as the stable support provided by its mechanical equipment, which guarantees the reliable management of the transport of several million tonnes of freight per year by rail, play important roles in the performance of specific and, at the same time, strategic tasks.


Our company operates 15 shunters and other traction equipment for providing railway operation services, the vast majority of which are owned by itself. (M44, M43) The reliable condition of our locomotive fleet is ensured by a subcontractor that holds the relevant licence and appropriate references. We have backup traction capacities to ensure reliable service.

Since the beginning of the railway operations services provided by MÁV-REC Kft., no service has failed due to the lack of availability.


During its railway operation service activities, our company has gained considerable experience and currently provides its services with nearly 80 skilled and experienced employees. We lay great emphasis on the development of the services provided by us, our employees’ competence and continuous training, the continuous expansion of their knowledge, the operation of our quality and environmental management system, and the continuous development of our IT background. 


Our company provides assistance to parties concerned in all segments of railway transport


Our services:

Comprehensive operation of private rail networks and operation of what are called internal railway operations on industrial tracks:

acceptance/delivery of railway cars from/to forwarding railway companies, their traction from public traffic areas (railway stations), performance of internal/local shunting, positioning for loading, loading in compliance with the rules, dispatch of shipments, unloading, emptying of cars, operation of filling and draw-off equipment, weighing, freight management, and formation or preparation of trains and their traction to public traffic areas (railway stations);

  • Supervision and maintenance of railway line networks;
  • Supervision of signalling systems and performance of maintenance activities;
  • Operation, supervision and maintenance of railway loading, filling and draw-off equipment;
  • Performance of supplementary railway operation activities and/or sub-activities and provision of supplementary railway operation services (park maintenance and performance of auxiliary production tasks);
  • Construction of track networks and design, application for licensing and construction of new railway track networks;
  • Freight forwarding (by road, rail and/or combined);
  • Mixed trading and service activities;
  • Consulting on railway systems, railway operation and track engineering;
  • Preparation, supervision and optimisation of service technologies and their adjustment to the requirements of our customers;
  • Consulting on railway logistics.


At present, we manage railway car traffic involving about 50,000 cars per year, which carry highly diverse goods, at seven points in the country.



Ilona Rajzinger

Division leader


mobil: +36 30 481 4668
fax: +36 1 476 3477
e-mail: ilona.rajzinger@mavrec.hu


Gábor Pálvölgyi

telefon: +36 1 476 3482
mobil: +36 30 689 1277
fax: +36 1 476 3477
e-mail: gabor.palvolgyi@mavrec.hu