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Waste Management and Environmental Protection

In September 2013 our company expanded its activities and opened a recyclable waste collecting plant at 7/B Madridi u., Budapest. The waste management division operates the waste collecting site, waste trading, waste processing and recycling, hazardous waste management and environmental services and transportation.


 Our waste management division deals with the operation of the collecting recyclable steel, metal, battery collection, paper, plastic, rubber and provides transportation services for companies and individuals.


Our division tries to improve the recycling rate mainly in the capital and its suburbs, and additionally provide service to industrial partners all over the country, increasing the quantities of collected waste and continuously improving the methods of waste collection.


Our investment professionals are working to improve waste recycling in areas, where the waste was only partially recycled or not recycled at all. Our main objective is to meet the environmental requirements of the 21st century.


We undertake the professional demolition of steel structures, buildings, industrial facilities, and furthermore, the proper disposal of generated waste and the execution of all related organizational tasks. Based on our permissions, the recycling of demolition wastes is carried out either on the demolition place or at our site. The inert waste (concrete) is ground with our own crushing machine and the crashed concrete sold to our partners. For collection and transportation of waste, if needed, we can offer containers from 1 to 30 cubic meters.


Our company provides our partners with complex and individual waste recycling strategies and assist them in upgrading and optimizing their existing waste collecting methods.


We also undertake the full arrangement of permitting processes, maintaining contact with the competent authorities, as well as dealing with notifiable waste in accordance with the legal requirements.


Environmental protection activities:

  • Completion of licensing procedures
  • Preparation of tenders,
  • The planning and operation of environmental management (EMS) systems,
  • The planning and operation of corporate management (QMS) systems,
  • Preparation of environmental declarations (waste, air)
  • Conducting waste recycling
  • Sales of crushed concrete


Price list



Responsible person for the waste management project:

Zoltán Iván Kovács

phone: +36 1 476 3472

mobile: +36 30 433 2048

fax: +36 1 476 3477

e-mail: kovacs.zoltan.ivan@mavrec.hu