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Additional servives

The rental of wagons

Máv-Rec Ltd. has nearly 200 –Lgss type- wagons, these wagons are available for our partners for long term rental.


Transport origination

The organization and transaction of mass weight goods combined transport. On this field MÁV-REC Ltd. has a serious experience. This experience and our highly qualified experts offer the opportunity to find the optimal solution for our partners.
(supplying motorway building with material, special hazardous material transport, ect.)


On the field of transportation our company successfully carried out the building of M7 highway, Ordacsehi – Balatonkeresztúr distance.


We transported nearly 1,4 million tons of building material (stone, pebble) on road, and on railway.
The transport assignment according to the need of the customer , was to transport approximately 10-11 thousand tons (10-12 freight trains) of material between the appointed mine and the open railway line unloading place, with altering distances (110-70 km).


The execution of transport was done by MÁV-REC Ltd. with the recourse of 70-80 trucks, 5-7 wheel loaders, 10-11 excavators and 200 freight trains daily.


György Kövér

Telefon: +36 1 476 3476
Fax: +36 1 476 3477
E-mail: gyorgy.kover@mavrec.hu