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Quality Control of Pallets

As an independent inspection organization – assigned by the two largest companies that deal with exchange systems – MÁV-REC Ltd.’s professional apparatus constantly inspects the products made by pallet manufacturers and repairers, while also monitors the conditions of pallet’s production and repair.


 One of the main pillars of contemporary economic development is the constant development of logistical systems. Nowadays products have to be delivered faster, farther and on stricter deadlines. To meet these challenges it is necessary – along with the development of infrastructure – to create the conditions for rational placement along with fast and secure move of the cargo. Interchangeable systems that are widely available are needed - such as the pallets. The task of pallets is to carry the cargo fitting to the transporting and loading conditions. As an important economic requirement, the pallets need to be interchangeable with each other. This is based on the requirement that the companies that use this exchange system need to be sure that the technical parameters and quality of the pallets are identical. Such instruments carrying goods are compatible with automated packing machines, and with different product carrier platforms.


The precondition for participating in the exchange system is the constant inspection of the above mentioned parameters. The MÁV-REC Ltd. is active on the pallet exchange market since 2004, warranting the quality requirements of the products according to standards. Control activity of the company for EUR pallets is assigned by the Rail Cargo Hungaria Ltd., and from 2018 the European Pallet Association assigned the company for control activity on the EPAL-marked pallets in the territory of Hungary and Romania.


The aim of quality control activity is to sustain high quality level permanently, which is achieved by the well-prepared employees of MÁV-REC Ltd who are dedicated to quality. The professional work is pursued in the framework of international accreditation with a quality control system.


„Quality without compromise…”


Exchange Capacity

In the pallet exchange market UIC-EUR and EPAL-EPAL-marked pallets are available.


More information about the pallet exchange system:

EPAL - European Pallet Association

Trademarks of EUR pallets


Accreditation Certificate


Tamás Járik

Division leader


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mobil: +36 30 303 8314
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e-mail: tamas.jarik@mavrec.hu