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Trademarks of EUR pallets

According to the mandate of Rail Cargo Hungary, MÁV-REC has the exclusive rights in Hungary to carry out the EUR pallets trademark protection. Our colleagues examine the UIC - EUR pallet production and service processes. Additionally, continuously improve conditions of in-process inspection of EUR pallets among consumers.


The “EUR” trade mark is protected in Hungary under the 430337 registrations number. The Hungarian proprietor of this trade mark is Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt,


  1. Handling of pallets
  2. Variety of EUR pallets
  3. The symbols of EUR pallets
  4. The damages and imperfection of pallets
  5. The exchange capability of EUR pallets
  6. Pallet manufacturers and repairers who possess license in Hungary


In terms of handling a pallet can be:

  • exchangeable pallet; or
  • privately owned pallet


Pallets provided with EUR trade mark are protected by Hungarian civil and criminal law.



Only the manufacturer who possesses the actual permission of Rail Cargo Hungaria has the right to mark the 800 x 1200 mm size pallets with EUR trademark and with the mark of permitting „MÁV” railway.

The European Pallet Association (EPAL) is not allowed to issue permissions for EUR pallet production from 1st of January 2013. The EPAL licensed producers are allowed to manufacture only EPAL-EPAL (pallets marked with EPAL label in each corner) marked pallets.

From 1st of November 2014 the EUR and the EPAL-EPAL labelled pallets are exchangeable.


EUR pallet types:


EUR-1 pallet (standard: UIC 435-2. 11. edition)

  • Size: 800mmx1200mm
  • Board width: 100mm and 145mm
  • Board thickness: 22mm
  • Standard: UIC 435-2/EUR-1. 11. edition
  • Carrying capacity: 1500 kg if the load is split evenly on the surface of the pallet.



New EUR pallet types:


EUR-2 pallet (standard: 435-5)

  • Size: 1200mm x 1000 mm
  • Carrying capacity: 1250 kg if the load is split evenly on the surface of the pallet


EUR-3 pallet (standard: 435-5)

  • Size: 1000mm x 1200mm
  • Carrying capacity: 1500 kg if the load is split evenly on the surface of the pallet.


EUR-6 pallet (standard: UIC 435-6

  • Size: 800mm x 600mm
  • Carrying capacity: 750 kg if the load is split evenly on the surface of the pallet.  


EUR pallet labelling:

On both longitudinal sides of the flat wood pallet and on the blocks the following symbols are needed.


Outdated labelling:



New labelling:



In the left corner the permitting railway’s label or (since 01.08.2013) “UIC” label

„EUR”  label in the left corner


In the central foot mark the plant-health related heat treatment sign (IPCC), and one line down the permitting railway company’s sign (RCH, DB, CD) and production code (000-0-00) where the first three digits of the code are the number of licensed manufacturer, the fourth figure indicates the last digit of the year of manufacturing and the last two digits indicate the production month.


The UIC-EUR pallets, which are manufactured according the standards can be released only with MÁV-REC authentication staple. The currently used authentication staple is placed in the middle feet of the longitude side.


Pallets that do not have MÁV-REC authentication staple cannot be considered as a standard EUR pallet.


Damages and imperfection of EUR pallets:

The standard of pallet repairing is UIC 435-4.


Only repairers who possess the permission of Rail Cargo Hungaria for the actual year, have the right to repair EUR pallets in Hungary.

Az EUR rakodólap javítását a z UIC 435-2 és az UIC 435-4 sz. szabvány előírásai alapján történik. 

The reparation of pallets is done according to the standard Nr. UIC 435-2 and UIC 435-4.

In case the repairer has to replace a block, it can only be replaced with a block that is marked as folows.


Left corner and right corner


Damaged pallets cannot be accepted as an exchange pallet, they can only be returned into circulation if they had been repaired. Following the upgrade and quality inspection, the repairer has to place the MÁV-REC authentication staple onto the middle foot of the short side of the block.


The EUR pallet is not suitable for exchange and it has to be repaired or has to be rolled out if:


  1. One of the boards is missing, transversely or diagonally broken (refers to all boards).
  2. The upper and lower boards are damaged, two or more nails are visible on one board, or one or more nails are visible on two or more boards.
  3. One board is missing, (upper or lower) or it is damaged (more than 1 nail is visible).
  4. Necessary labels are missing or illegible (at least the railway company’s label or the pallet association and EUR pallet label should be visible on the longitudinal side of the pallet)
  5. It is obvious that inappropriate parts have been used during construction (too thin, narrow, too short etc.) The inappropriate parts can be recognized by comparing to original parts.
  6. The general condition of the pallet is so poor that:
    • the carrying capacity is no longer guaranteed (rotten, damaged boards and feet)
    • the load can be contaminated
    • the density of the feet is not perfect (crumbling)
    • protruding connecting elements (nails) or wood splinters can pose injury hazards


The list of licensed manufacturers and service providers can be obtained from MÁV-REC Ltd.


Contacts: MÁV–REC Kft.


E-mail: mavrec@mavrec.hu


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