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Despre Firma

Briefly about us

MÁV-REC Ltd. has been successful in many fields of services since it was set up in 2001. These services have relation in many ways to railway, general logistics and to waste management. The 100 % proportion of Hungarian ownership and management have been focusing on tailored, full and client oriented installing of service systems and their operating. That is true for the project-kind services as well as for long strategic business partnerships.

The services rendered by MÁV-REC Ltd. are professional, effective including high quality of task management, competitive prices and significant price-value proportion involving security and stability which have outstanding role to handle and meet the partners’ strategic goals.

MÁV- REC Ltd. focuses on the development of its services, following up the training of its employees, the operating of the quality and environment management system including the continuous improvement of its IT background.

Since MÁV-REC Ltd. set up its has been taking serious steps to keep the quality of the products appearing on the market of block pallets in the field of „MÁV”„EUR” marked palettes. It has been following up non-registered manufacturers and repairing companies of low quality products and continuously monitors, the recorded manufacturers, the manufacturing processes of high quality producers and their goods. All „EUR” block pallets controlled and authenticated by the company meet all the requirements worldwide related to conditions, and makes them a part of the „EUR” spare system of block pallets, which is a widely accepted pallet system.

MÁV-REC Ltd. expanded its activity of trademark system to Romania in 2009, and established a Representation Office so that the users would be able to use the „EUR” block pallets of permanent quality.

The railway services provided in many fields means reliable solution to implement logistics tasks to some industrial estates including railway processes. In this sector MÁV-REC Ltd. have reached significant goals to supply its customers with adjusted services which is capable of developing smoothly reaction to the changes of tasks which change due of outside and inside factors. The background of well-trained and experienced employees, the stabile mechanical support play an important role to deal with the unique as well as strategic tasks and also means guarantee to the reliable arrangements of task processes of the annual railway traffic of over many millions of tonnes per year.

In the past few years MÁV-REC Ltd. have been undertaking the role to give solutions on hazardous waste management, the demolishing processes based on high level of professional knowledge and the selective waste management in offices. The gained experience and professionalism – Is at the disposal of its customers and prospective clients in almost every field of the economy.

Besides the above mentioned permanent fields MÁV-REC Ltd. is ready to support and serve its customers involving unique and special responsibilities.

Some special services of the past years:

Transporting of about 1. 4 million tonnes of construction material from outside mines to the M7 motorway along Lake Balaton in some months.
We could support military transport too. We delivered tanks, cannons, aeroplanes that have been withdraw.
Renovation of 200 railway carriages.
Organising the industrial use up of special materials.


Our goal is to continuously develop the services so as to our business partners can use them in the permanently changing market environment and to make our services use by our customers with satisfaction for a long time.



Norbert Bóta

Managing director