Development of Záhony to start

As a result of a long preparatory work Záhony Logistics and Cooperation Zone Consortium was established on 23 June, 2020 led by MÁV-REC Ltd. The aim of the Záhony Consortium – which was co-founded with Záhony-Port Ltd – is to prepare the development of a strategic, innovative logistics and railway hub in accordance with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which promotes the development of economic and trade routes to the West supported by the Chinese government. The preparation involves laying the foundation for value-added investments related to production in connection to the development of the current railway transloading facilities and the development of industrial parks.
On 10 July, 2020, in the presence of Mr. Duan Jielong, Ambassador of Chine to Hungary, Dr. László György State Secretary at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology presented the Sponsorship Agreement to Záhony Logistics and Industrial Zone Consortium represented by MÁV-REC. In the event the State Secretary, Dr. Róbert Homolya, CEO of MÁV Ltd. and Mr. László Horváth, CEO of LAC Holding discussed the aim of the consortium in their speeches which is covered in more details in the press articles on the subject.