The education division of Máv-Rec is taking flight

Since the division moved to a new location in September 2021, the number of courses, trainings, and examinations has only been increasing. Last year was also closed extremely successfully, after longer preparations, the opportunity to cooperate with the Gábor Baross Education Center finally opened up. The year 2023 was also started with great anticipation and confidence. We didn't have to wait long for another honorable and joyful challenge. As a result of the tender announced by the Gysev Plc., the Sopron-based railway company signs a commission contract for the implementation of railway training courses with MÁV-REC Kft. Within the scope of the tender, the employees of the tendering company will benefit from railway training, examinations and the provision of other services. The team of the education division is looking forward with great enthusiasm to the tasks related to the new assignment and to the further cooperation with the Gysev Plc. These respectful commissions can be found to become a better and more complex railway educational organization.