The portfolio of Máv-Rec’s education division is expanding

The education division of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Kft. has been dealing with railway training for almost a decade. These trainings ensure the training of employees of our own and other railway companies. The successfully operating division considered that the time had come to expand its training portfolio, so they will now have adult training in several topics.

"According to the plans, starting in September, we will offer user training, professional qualifications, and training in addition to railway training. I hope the trainings will be available on the website from September," said Szilvia Szabó, the colleague responsible for organizing and conducting the adult trainings.

The repertoire is also expanded with IT, mechanical, technical and transport qualifications lasting several months. In addition, they organize short (1-2 day) courses and trainings in management, communication, sales, and project management topics according to the client's request for approx. in twenty topics.

"I have been working successfully with my teaching and coaching team for several years. We organize the training not only for our company group and its partners, but with open education for anyone who wants to learn," said Szilvia Szabó.

Today, the company also received the adult training license for the above-mentioned training topics. Thus, nothing can stand in the way of the division to continue to soar in the field of education.