MÁV-REC Ltd.’s pallet division attended the CSAOSZ conference

The Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling held its annual conference for the 4th time on the 15th of October this year. The opening speech of the conference was followed by a detailed program in 4 topics. Our colleagues gave a speech within the innovation – digitalisation – knowledge management topic. First, Tamás Járik, head of the timber industry division, spoke about MÁV-REC Ltd.’s services with an emphasis on pallet inspection. As an introductory to his colleague’s speech he described the process of categorizing pallets into A, B and C category. The difference in the quality of pallets is an ongoing issue among companies. Parties would like to get back the same quality pallets that they used to deliver the goods. The categorization of the pallets were developed therefore to distinguish between the different quality pallets. The different quality groups were presented by Róbert Matus who works at the pallet division of MÁV-REC. Tamás Járik closed the speech then by describing the platforms which provide information about the categorization of pallets. The colleagues of MÁV-REC are available for prearranged appointments where they can also give further information in person and details can be found on the company’s website as well as on its Facebook profile.