Pallets for environmental protection and sustainability Máv-Rec Railway Engineering Corporation LTD. helps the market with wide range of special pallets

This year, in 2021, the sector experienced major crisis. The rising of raw material prices and the cost of human resources have put pallet production and repair plants to the test. Plants were forced…

UIC raklapok cseréje az Epal raklapokkal 2022-ben

UIC raklapok cseréje az Epal raklapokkal 2022-ben.

High construction prices and demand also affect the acquisition of pallets

The article about the wood division of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation LTD. can be read on .   LAC Holding Zrt.

Free pallet education

Our interactive hands-on education is free again until the end of this year. Based on the feedback from pallet users, the work of those working with pallets in logistics is greatly accelerated and made…

Joint action: more than 1000 counterfeit pallets were seized near Cegléd city

MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation LTD, in cooperation with the National Tax and Customs Administration, caught fraudsters On 28 July, the National Tax and Customs Administration notified the wood industry division of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering…

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