For 20 years, MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Llc. has been dealing with full-scale railway operation tasks on its partners' own track network/industrial tracks. In addition to the operation of industrial tracks in the traditional sense (own-purpose freight forwarding and own-purpose railway track operation), our company flexibly adapts to the diverse and constantly changing needs of our customers, whether it is the management of railway loading/unloading equipment or the administration of railway authority licensing procedures.

The focus of its railway services is the construction and operation of full-scale service systems tailored to the various needs of our partners, both for projects and for long-term strategic collaborations.

All services provided by our company are characterized by professional, efficient, high-quality task performance, competitive prices, and an outstanding price-value ratio, as well as the security and stability that are essential for the performance of strategically important tasks of partners.

Since our existence, we have achieved outstanding results by providing each of our partners with a unique, customized service, which we constantly monitor external and internal factors and the economic environment, develop, and adjust to our partner's expectations. We place special emphasis on the development of the services we provide, the preparation and continuous training of our employees, the continuous expansion of their knowledge, the operation of our quality and environmental management system, the continuous development of our mechanical and IT background and keeping it up-to-date.

The two main pillars of our company's unique and at the same time strategic tasks are the experienced and well-trained human resources and the stable mechanical engineering background, which together guarantee the reliable processing of several million tons of railway traffic per year.

We currently employ nearly 70 employees, whose periodic and, if necessary, basic and further training is provided by our company's education division.

To provide railway services, our company operates 13 railway shunting locomotives M44 Bobó, M43 Dácia, 740 Kocúr, A31 Kis Lego, A26 and U423 Mercedes-Benz Unimog road-rail amphibian. A subcontractor with a license and appropriate reference ensures the safe condition of our locomotive fleet. In order to provide reliable service, we always have reserve towing capacity.

In the course of our railway service activities, we have gained significant experience, since the beginning of which no service has failed due to lack of availability.

At the moment, we handle the traffic of around 40,000 individual railcars per year - with the most diverse types of goods - at five points in the country.

We offer assistance to those involved in all segments of rail transport, mentioning a few main areas:

  • Full-scale railway operations
  • operation of internal railway operations on a dedicated track network,
  • provision of additional, related and/or sub-activities services for railway operations,
  • ensuring mechanical availability, locomotive operation, rental, maintenance
  • operation and maintenance of track network and safety equipment, weeding, lawn mowing
  • carrying out maintenance activities related to railway operations
  • operation and maintenance of railway loading and loading/unloading equipment
  • mixed commercial and service activities.
  • administration of railway authority licensing procedures
  • railway logistics consulting, processes, methods definition