As an independent control organization commissioned by one of the largest trademark, UIC/EUR, the specialist staff of MÁV-REC Kft. continuously examine the products issued by pallet manufacturers and repairers as well as the fulfilment of the conditions for the manufacture and repair of the pallets. Due to the market surveillance activities of MÁV-REC Kft., unlicensed plants have disappeared completely from the territory of the country. In Hungary and Romania, we are constantly visiting pallet users and unlicensed companies.

One of the pillars of recent economic development is the continuous development of logistics systems. The individual products need to be transported to their destination at increasing distances more and more quickly and with increasingly tight deadlines. Meeting these challenges requires, along with the development of transport equipment and infrastructure, the creation of conditions for the rational placement and rapid and safe movement of freight. Interchangeable, widely available systems, such as a pallets, are needed. Pallets are to carry the products placed on them, in accordance with the conditions of transport and loading. An essential economic condition is that pallets under unit loads should be interchangeable. This is based on the fact that companies using the system can be assured that the design, technical parameters and quality of each pallet constituting the exchange system are identical. Such goods carriers are suitable for unit load formation on automated packing lines and are fit to different freight forwarding platforms.

Participation in the exchange system is subject to continuous monitoring of the above-mentioned parameters. MÁV-REC Kft. has been present on the market for exchange pallets with its quality control activities, guaranteeing their standard quality compliance specified in the relevant standard, since 2004. The company carries out its inspection activities involving EUR and EPAL pallets as commissioned by Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and the European Pallet Association e.V., respectively, the latter between 2018- 30 june 2022, in the territory of Hungary and Romania.

Licence holders

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