A new locomotive is added to the fleet of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Ltd.

MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Ltd. is again putting a new type 742 traction unit into service with its own investment. The diesel shunting locomotive will be used for last mile service and shunting tasks. The locomotive underwent a complete overhaul last year, which included corrosion protection of the chassis and bogies and a complete repaint. The locomotive's power transmission system, including its control and auxiliary equipment, has also been reconstructed to the same quality as when it was new, ensuring maximum service and uptime.

The new towing vehicle can cope with the highest challenges of a siding environment. The new towing vehicle will be primarily based at the Csepel Free Port. The aim is to handle increasing train frequencies and volumes, as our company builds its long-term plans on a partnership with Budapest Logistics Ltd and the prominent role of the railway.