Záhony’s position would be strengthen in the international railway circulation

The Celiz consortium and the Russian RZD Logistics discussed their cooperation

Specialists from one of the subsidiaries of the Russian Railways - RZD Logistics – spent one-day visit in Záhony for the invitation of the Celiz consortium. The two sides held long consultation on the development opportunities of the Záhony transhipment facility, as well as on possible points of cooperation. The parties agreed that in the future, the Záhony transhipment may play a prominent role in East-West rail freight.

RZSD Logistics Corporation is a subsidiary of Russian Railways, which was established on 19 November, 2010. The largest multimodal logistics provider in the CIS and Baltic countries. The company provides comprehensive transportation and logistics services by integrating all the services of the Russian railway holding company and its third-party suppliers into a single supply chain in the multimodal transportation market.

The Celiz project was presented at Wednesday’s event, which was continued with a site tour. The Russian side visited the Záhonyi transhipment area, to be developed, and its possibilities in the future. The main topic of the meeting was the diversification of the railway supply chain between China, the Eurasian Economic Union and the EU, the possibility of generating additional quantities of goods across the Záhony route.